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At Rainbow Wedding Music, we know, first hand,  it is not always easy to find the right entertainment for your day.  With over 25 years of experience and a resource like none other, we'll be happy to personally help you  find music for the ceremony and reception that will make your day one to remember.


Select from all the live entertainers and DJ's in the area who understand how to bring great entertainment to a gay wedding or reception. You can shop for the best ideas by browsing through the site, reading detailed descriptions, listening to sample music and more. 


Whether you are planning entertainment for a commitment ceremony, or simply a celebration you'll want to match the talent to your budget and the vision you have for your day.    We want you to have great choices so you can make the ambiance of the entertainment your own, whether a grand party, a small gathering or just a great time for your family and friends to gather and dance the night away to remember your day.  Entertainment is always the focal point of any event and now you can use the most powerful search features on the internet along with the guidance of one of our consultants who knows the special considerations for gay and lesbian weddings and commitment ceremonies. 


You'll find the Rainbow Wedding Music site easy to use and navigate if you are searching for live music options, whether a string quartet or trio, a singer or a band for dancing.   With over 30 years providing entertainment for every kind of event, you know you'll have great options, and if you don't see it, simply ask! Planning is made easy, on the web or by working directly with one of our consultants to answer your questions.    


With our Premium DJ Service we know how to make the party happen.   You choose the music and we bring it to life and, at an affordable price.  


Come on inside and let's get started planning the day you've been waiting for all your life!


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